Business & HR Organizational Practice

Human Capital Audit & Diagnostic

Our HR audit is concerned with diagnosing, analyzing and advising within the boundaries of each functional area in the business. Our auditors will help develop human capital efficiency, offer various solutions to all problems, set the foundation for the success of future organizational functions

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Business & Corporate Innovative Strategy – OGSM

We devoted to help your business and setting in achieving its strategic goals. We set the overall strategic business plan in a highly sophisticated and innovative methodology defining business objectives, goals, strategies, measures (OGSM), and achieving them through scorecards….

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Organization Design & Development

Organizational structuring and restructuring are concerned with the planning as well as implementation of programs designed to enhance the effectiveness of the business. We consider the development of the Competency Framework, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), and Performance Management system.

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People Assessment

Our cost effective testing methodologies ensure stringent assessments which differentiate between candidates who seem similar to on paper, but are not necessarily equal in terms of personality and competences.

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Compensation & Benefits

A professional salary structure our compensation assessment is based on the Hay methodology which determines the job mapping and grading system. This methodology helps you to successfully achieve your goals and guarantee employee satisfaction.

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