" We Believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor, we put ourselves in our clients' shoes ".

“Two heads are better than one”

Success lies in thinking and acting strategically but quite often it is easy to get trapped in the day-to-day management, making it hard to take a step back and ask the question… “Where do we go from here?”

Nowadays, sharing and co-creation holds far greater potential then going it alone, meaning it has been proven far better to get an outside view and allowing access to wider creative solutions outside the norm.

Enjaz Consultancy and Enterprise Management is honored to introduce its tailor made services, where solutions are specifically designed to address your own business’ particular needs and aspirations. Enjaz helps lead your business to Excellence and to grow, capitalize your strengths and gain competitive edge. With Enjaz,

Excellence is No Longer a Dream.

We Partner With our Clients to Help & Support Through Innovation where Business & Creativity meet to Generate a New Growth.Reham Youssry Gabr-CEO

Business Transformation

We partner with clients to create additional value and ensure that the best processes and systems are being implemented within an organization.

It is all about identifying techniques, new processes and technologies that aren’t being used to their maximum capacity. Organizational Transformation, Management Transformation, culture transformation, digital and business process transformation.

Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation is a continuous and evolving process focusing on the employees to ensure success.

Cultural Transformation

Cultural transformation involves changing ways of thinking, organizing and behaving.

Business Processes Transformation

The transformation of a business process consists of moving from a function-oriented vertical vision to a business-oriented transversal vision.

Management Transformation

Management transformation is therefore a prerequisite based on sharing information, explaining, and persuading, with the aim of ensuring a more comprehensive change within the company.

Information Systems Transformation

Information systems transformation is a core feature of the transformation of any company and a key growth driver, impacting all its information management resources, i.e. technologies, processes and people.

Multi-Process Outsourcing & Operations

Through our HR Outsourcing, we cover the full breadth of HR processes, ranging from HR Administration to payroll, talent outsourcing and performance Management .. Etc
We are the first in the Middle East to provide the service of managing all or part of a business’s HR Operations, with a dedicated team for more responsive and cost-effective results.
Let us do your tedious recurring routines, to keep your business running smoothly and concentrate on what you do best.
Our services are tailored to work with all sizes of businesses, even the smallest.

Organizational Practice

Organization Design & Development

Organizational structuring and restructuring is concerned with the planning as well as implementation of programs designed to enhance the effectiveness of the business. We consider the development of the Competency Framework, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), and Performance Management system as the cornerstone for all HR management tools.

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Business & Corporate Innovative Strategy

We devoted to help your business and setting in achieving its strategic goals. We set the overall strategic business plan in a highly sophisticated and innovative methodology defining business objectives, goals, strategies, measures (OGSM), and achieving them through scorecards.

OGSM’s origins can be traced back to Japan in the 1950s, stemming from the process and strategy work developed during the Occupation of Japan, post-World War II. It has since been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies.

In particular, Procter & Gamble uses the process to align the direction of their multinational corporation around the globe.

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The Assessment Company

Our cost effective testing methodologies ensure stringent assessments which differentiate between candidates who seem similar to on paper, but are not necessarily equal in terms of personality and competences.

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Human Capital Audit

Our HR audit is concerned with diagnosing, analyzing and advising within the boundaries of each functional area in the business.
Our auditors will help develop human capital efficiency, offer various solutions to all problems, set the foundation for the success of future organizational functions in addition to reassuring that employees are utilized efficiently . Ensuring you the return of investment and helping you get you company working the best it can.

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Compensation & Benefits

A professional salary structure our compensation assessment is based on the Hay methodology which determines the job mapping and grading system. This methodology helps you to successfully achieve your goals and guarantee employee satisfaction.

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Reham was Chosen to transfer her experience as a Role Model for Women Entrepreneurship to the republic of China.

نحن ندعم بلادنا ونعمل و نجتهد من خلال الإبتكار و التكنولوجيا لتحقيق التنمية المستدامة و المشاركة في رؤية مصر 2030

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