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At Enjaz we study, design and implement the Best-Fit HR model for your business in order to achieve successful and achievable results that will enhance effectiveness, making your infrastructure work its best for you.

Mainly we develop a well-defined HR framework based on customized competencies with clear internal process directly aligned to our clients’ core business and strategic objectives.


Our Services

Strategic Business Planning

Having a strategic formulation is imperative to survive in today’s highly competitive global market place. It forces a look into the future, consequently SWOT analysis provides a prospect to influence the future or undertake a proactive posture in addition to providing a sense of direction and continuity.

Reviewing mission and vision assists our Consulting Team who then set the overall strategic business plan in a highly sophisticated and innovative manner, defining your business Objectives – Goals – Strategies and Measures (OGSM). Implement the action plan, and the scorecard .

Human Capital Audit

Our HR audit is concerned with diagnosing, analyzing and advising within the boundaries of each functional area in the business.

Our auditors will help develop human capital efficiency, offer various solutions to all problems, set the foundation for the success of future organizational functions in addition to reassuring that employees are utilized efficiently . Ensuring you the return of investment and helping you get you company working the best it can.

We will understand and evaluate your organizational strategy, needs and objectives, then design a HR Model and Framework, analyzing the gap between current and expected state. In addition to building its processes and procedures with alignment to your strategic objectives and finally implementing the system.

Organization Design & Development

Organizational Structuring and Restructuring is concerned with the planning as well as implementation of programs designed to enhance the effectiveness of the business responses to change. Our Expert team at Enjaz is devoted to help your business in setting and achieving its strategic goals. Most importantly we will help you react with the dynamic business’ environment. Help you to adopt appropriate enterprise architecture and corporate profiling which suits your business. We consider the development of the Competency Framework as the corner stone for all HR management tools and a critical factor in our clients’ future success as it helps in improving the overall quality and performance of the business. Developing a Standard Operation Procedure (SOPs) manual and competency modeling will enable you to control and manage your work more effectively. Developing and implementing Performance Management System that is counterproductive focuses on employee development and high performance culture in which individuals and teams take responsibility for continuous improvement of the business process as well as their own skills and contributions.

Compensation & Benefits

The aim of our Salary Survey is to set an overall pay bill budget and to decide upon individual pay rises within that budget, typically on an annual basis which can help in Reducing the subjectivity in determining job size. In addition to our job evaluation approach that can most widely accepted and save your business a lot.

Job Mapping determines the size of job based on the required know-how guided by the international Hay Methodology, it is considered to be the foundation for internal stability assessment in compensation.

Grading System forms the backbone of any business that wishes to find success in achieving its goals and guarantee employee’s satisfaction where one delivers quality outputs.

Implementing Salary Structure is considered an important component of effective compensation programs which ensures that pay levels for groups of jobs in your company are both externally competitive and internally equitable.


Why choose us for your HR Consulting?

Focus: Your needs are our priorities. We listen to understand your business needs to ensure effective solutions.

Listening: We believe listening is the key to a successful partnership.

Significance: We offer what matters most to a client: quality, experience and trust.

Customized: Our services can be tailored and customized for your company’s needs.

Pricing: Our prices are affordable with no hidden costs.